I could go on, but if there’s any truth to this article, I haven’t found it. It’s self-referencing crap, it’s blatantly, openly self-contradictory, and the doublethink Feminists must have to use to paper over the cracks in it’s logic is staggering.

gosh, you really just want to be a victim so bad that you’ve convinced yourself that even mentioning that women exist and do things and have things happen to them is somehow a personal attack on you and your precious manhood, and that’s really pathetic

if you want to improve the lot of men in society, how about actually working to improve the lot of men instead of desperately trying to knock women back down to where they started and pretend the status quo was just fine because it didn’t require you to empathize for people without testicles



the myc thing really chaps my ass because this is definitely not the first time this kind of thing has happened to me/my friendgroups

i will state for the record that i am not particularly bright. i know this, i try and keep this in mind, so if someone comes off as much better educated or more…

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To all readers and psychics, do not - I repeat, DO NOT - ever read someone so deeply that you are invading their privacy. Are you reading their energy? Do that. No NOT dare invade their privacy and search out for personal information.

these kinds of commands are a form of psychic blackmail and may be considered spiritual warfare by the majority of celestial jurisdictions…. beware

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I genuinely can’t tell whether you are arguing in good faith or not. You do a lot of things that seem like they are in good faith, but at the same time, a whole lot of your assertions are just ridiculous.

when you’re more interested in throwing nearly 5,000 words at this useless meta-semantic discussion than actually fixing the root problem, then you’re not arguing in good faith

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by my calculations, in 30-40 years, masculinity will only be named “the lost and forgotten”. or “that which shall not be named”.

show your work

oh goodness~

don’t you think that’s awfully forward?

i’m sorry but i only just met you… (◡‿◡✿)

you say you have calculations, I want to see the calculations. spit it up

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by my calculations, in 30-40 years, masculinity will only be named “the lost and forgotten”. or “that which shall not be named”.

show your work

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Ideologically correct: transness, womanhood, lesbianism

Ideologically incorrect: cisness, heterosexuality, manhood

don’t be on the wrong side of history.

how is “womanhood” correct but “cisness” isn’t when the former is a product of the latter

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*this term was reclaimed from a truscum, and its name was changed because it was ableist.*

circum is latin for ‘around’ or ‘in a circle’ meaning that our gender is a circle that goes around, for example; from cafab to feeling like you should have been born camab to transition to female.

you cant be dfab and claim to be a trans woman. you cant be a fucking dmab and claim be a trans man. do you even know what a transexual or transgender is holy fucking shit

are you denying her lived experience

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The funny thing about this shitstorm between me and stargenderprincette is that I misgendered rei. Yes, I did that. I apologized for it several times, but no, of course rei won’t acknowledge that fact and get the fuck off my back about it. Just accidental misgendering. More over, at them time of me conversing with rei, rei’s pronouns in rei’s sidebar were listed they/them FIRST and rei/reis SECOND. Most people would use the first set, right? Especially when at the time rei didn’t have any indication as which to use, so I chose to use the first set, but yeah, me not having any way of knowing rei’s mandatory pronouns is paramount to be called a misgenderer. My lack of knowledge to know which pronouns rei prefers = me intentionally misgendering rei.

What did Gracen do? Gracen invalidated me having a panic attack and disassociating, told me to “keep crying about it” and “to keep playing victim,” and while that is disturbing on it’s own, rei and friends still wanted to force me through and through to use rei’s pronouns despite me not having the capacity at the time to function correctly. What is that, you may ask? It’s called ableism. The funny thing here is that people are defending this ableist because rei got hurt for being accidentally misgendered, while at the same time rei and friends demonizing me as someone akin to Charles Manson for not having complete control of my cognitive abilities.

But yeah, rei’s friends will continue to support an ableist because rei has put some sort of spell over them. Rei and friends keep calling for the blatant reporting of me misgendering rei and I had very little control over myself at the time, and yet I’m not calling for a report on rei? Let’s change that.

Everyone whose still around, block & report stargenderprincette for ableism of a trans person when said trans person was having a mental break down and falling out of reality.

Hahahaha! This is all very stupid!

*sucks air through teeth in a gesture of massive discomfort with such blatant ableism* receipts for realsubtle #a million

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as a cis man who has had gender feels at various points in his life, I will not “become a lady” because it’s insulting to cast femininity or womanhood as an outfit you can simply put on to perfectly escape the trappings and expectations of being a man. it is not a club I belong in. thank you but no ( ´_ゝ`)

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